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Cat Challenged

Many many moons ago, when our first set of next door neighbors lived next door (we are now on neighbors #3 which may or may not have something to do with us) they asked me if I would feed their cats while they were in Hawaii. I said yes because it’s not in my nature to turn down a request for help.  And I thought they meant “feed” the cats.  How hard can it be to walk next door and pour some food in a bowl?  But since I had not owned a cat since I…

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Mildly Amusing, Use Your Words

How To Market Pantyhose

So a Sunday or two back, because it was cold, I pulled on a pair of tights to wear with a wool skirt.  I normally wear pants to church when it’s cold.  And by pants I mean slacks, not jeans.  I am not a wear-jeans-to-church kind of gal, but if you are that’s okay, not that there’s anything wrong with it, judge not, yada yada, whatever.  But for some reason I thought I would wear a skirt even though it was near freezing. Sidebar:  Sean really likes it when I wear a skirt or a dress,…

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The Holiday Shop

If there was one thing I thought I knew about my child it is this:  He cannot keep a secret. Early in December, Sean brought home a flyer from school announcing the annual Holiday Shop!  I put the exclamation point there so you might know just how thrilled I was with this news. The flyer reported which classes would visit the Holiday Shop on which days and at what time.  The flyer also stated with vehemence (probably inferred on my part) that there would be NO preview this year and that the vendor was the same…

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Antique Crazy, Antique Junk Drawer

Things I Falsely Believe

Random, Stray and Otherwise Unassigned Thoughts: If I could just find the right color of blush I wouldn’t look so washed out. Someday I will find the “right” haircut and I’ll have fabulous easy to do hair that always looks great. Jeans are comfortable. My kid is astonishingly smarter/cuter/funnier than all the other kids. My seven-year-old will always be the loving, delightful and polite little fella he is today. My husband forgets to take out the trash on purpose. If I get it on sale, I’m saving money. I can still shop in Juniors. Everyone else…

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Giftmas or Christmas or Both

I got the following comment from Lil on my previous post and it really got me to thinking: “My grown sister and I were talking a few days ago about Christmases past and she was saying that thinking back on our childhood Christmases, she never got THE thing she really wanted, she always got a variation or knock off of the desired object and that she never had a WOW Christmas because of it. I said that my poor mom was trying to make four kids happy on a limited budget and had done pretty darned…

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Christmas, Parenting Gone Awry, Silliness

Carry On Santa

So that y’all may go on with your holidays, I shall reveal to you the secrets of the House of Antique as it relates to obscure toy requests: 1) A machine gun.  Sean wants the Nerf machine gun but it is $40 and we already have three other Nerf guns.  He will get the $15 Walmart no-name obnoxious noise making variety which I will deeply regret two minutes seconds after it is loosed from its packaging. After purchasing a number of Tonka obnoxious-noise-making Trucks and an Alvin the Chipmunk who sings Up On The Rooftop every…

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Christmas, Silliness

The Mushinggun

One year it was the Chicken Wipes. The next year it was the Peemo Boat. This year, as you can see from the letter he typed up on his computer, Sean wants a mushinggun and a liykit, among other things. One point for each correct answer.

Always Real, Modern Medicine

The $1500 M&M

This is the story of how one M&M cost $1500 and wrecked an entire day. Several weeks ago, Sean had the day off of school (reason unknown) and it was a beautiful fall day so we got together with a friend for a play date in the park. Before we left to go to the park, he asked if he could have something from his Halloween candy stash.  I said yes and let him pick out something. He chose a little package of M&M’s.  I noticed that the package was red, but I figured that someone…

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School, Wal-Mart

Pajama Day

The thing about elementary school is that nearly every day is a “special day” of some sort and I can’t keep up.  I find calendars to be sort of a complicated device to begin with, but school calendars are incredibly complicated. Every week there is at least one “special” day.  It’s Team Day! Wear your favorite football team jersey!  It’s Spirit Day! Wear your school mascot t-shirt!  It’s Story Book Character Day! Dress as your favorite storybook character!  It’s Camouflage Day!  Wear Camo!  (That could just be Texas.)  It’s Baseball Cap Day!  It’s Stuffed Animal Day! …

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Always Real, Parenting Gone Awry, School

He Speaks

AD and I think it is important for Sean to learn how to stand up and speak in front of others with confidence so that he might grow into a man who can influence others for good, so that he will have the tools to articulate his ideas, dreams and visions with clarity and confidence.  No matter where his life’s journey leads, we think this is a valuable life skill that requires practice more than anything else, and that it’s never too soon to start. Since Sean was about three, we have had what we call…

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